If you are a new, or not so new, homeschooling family that is in search of homeschooling ideas and encouragement, then we are glad you are here! It is our goal for Sowing in the Morning to be a place for fellow homeschooling families, or those considering the journey, to continue to learn and grow alongside us.  It is our hope to share some of what we have learned during our 12 years of homeschooling, and also to build a sharing community that is a blessing to us all!          ~ Dominique & Lisa

Dominique ~ 

I am a mom to three kids ~ a toddler who is two years old, a first grader, and a sixth grader – I pull our schooling from a variety of methods, including classical, Charlotte Mason, and a dash of unschooling from time to time. We have been homeschooling from the start, but I am still constantly seeking out ways to bring more learning, more simplicity, and more joy to our homeschool days.  I love history, music, cappuccinos, and Christmas, and I especially love learning and growing with my fellow homeschool moms!


Lisa ~

I am a mama of three, two in middle school and one in second grade, going into our sixth year of homeschooling.  We are a military family, currently living along the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. I was not a homeschooler from the start, but I am sure glad that the Lord opened up the opportunity to us.  I love Jane Austen books and learning new things with my kids.  I am currently excited about our Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool and finally beginning to feel like I know the direction we are headed.